Hygge ( Pron: Hoo-gah )

the Scandinavian concept of getting cosy

Hygge Yoga: A cosier way to practice Yoga - inspired by all things Hygge.


Hygge was made famous by the Norwegians, Finns, Swedes and Danes - who are among the happiest nations on the planet in all the happiness surveys – so they must be doing something right. Think the simple pleasures in life, being surrounded by friends, real wood fires, fairy lights, woollen socks, lovely blankets and gorgeous candles.  

Hygge and yoga are natural partners. Hygge, the Scandinavian concept of getting cosy, comfortable and relaxed; focussing on what is important, noticing the simple things and being grateful for what you have. The yoga principles of self-love and gratitude are also foundations of hygge. So practicing yoga inspired by all things hygge makes for a perfect combination.


Due to popular demand we can announce the return of our Hygge Yoga mini retreats, with the special addition of Summer Hygge as well as the traditional Winter Hygge.

This is our second year of YOGADOO Hygge Yoga mini half day retreats at the stunning Combe Grove Hotel just outside of Bath which take place between 2:30pm and 6pm.

Tickets are £62 for the half day experience, and £55 for members of Combe Grove Hotel Country Club.
Dates are:

  • Summer: 11th June, 9th July, 13th August, 10th September
  • Winter: 29th October, 12th November, 10th December, 14th January

More information on each Hygge Yoga experience below.

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Summer Hygge Yoga™ Half Day Retreat

Summer dates: 11th June (SOLD OUT), 9th July, 13th August (SOLD OUT), 10th September (2 SPACES LEFT)

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Winter Hygge Yoga™ Half Day Retreat

Winter dates: 29th October, 12th November (sold out), 10th December, 14th January (sold out)

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