Fancy some 'ME TIME' over Half Term?


Half Term is just around the corner, and whilst we love the quality time with the little ones, sometimes it's good to book in some 'Me Time' too! That's why YOGADOO has teamed up with the Country Club team at the Combe Grove Hotel to offer a Kids Yoga and Spa package. 

On Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 24th October, YOGADOO founder, Lucy Aston will be running 2 hour kid's yoga and craft workshops at the hotel and what is even better, is that you can enjoy some relaxation time yourself while the little ones are entertained!  You could book yourself a treatment, enjoy our new Deli style lunch which is served from 12 – 2.30pm or use our spa facilities – even if you are not a member.

The two two-hour sessions will run from 2pm-4pm and will have different themes each day. On Tuesday 24th October, the mini yogis will be heading off on an Amazon Jungle adventure and on Wednesday 25th, we’ll be donning our space suits and going on a journey to outer space. The sessions will be story-based and children will learn yoga poses based on the theme as well as mini yoga flows, fun games and learn some ways to use our bodies to help us to relax. After a little break, children will have some quiet craft time when on Wednesday they will make jungle-creature hand puppets and a jungle animal sun catcher, and on Thursday pom-pom aliens and a wooden rocket.

In case your little ones have never been to a YOGADOO session before, we focus on positivity rather than spirituality, so there’ll be no ohm-ing – just an active, engaging session that’s accessible for all. Beginners are welcome, mats will be provided, so just show up on the day wearing comfortable clothes and have fun!

Activities are suitable for 5-12-year olds.


Members: £18 per child    Non-members: £21 per child

Non-members plus one adult to use the spa facilities: £36

Book a place now by calling 01225 838 680 or emailing

YOGADOO Half Term Holiday Clubs now on sale!


Bath's most popular yoga and well being holiday club! YOGADOO Half Term Holiday Clubs are back this half term, for children aged 4 years-11 years all held at Weston Methodist Church, Kennington road entrance, Bath. With a mixture of themes (please see below) and guaranteed relaxation, creativity, yoga and fun! Book online here.

Mon 23rd October.  'Autumn Adventure' 9am-4pm. Teacher: Lucy
Tues 24th October. 'Fireworks and Festivals' 9am-4pm. Teacher Ty
SOLD OUT Weds 25th October. 'Famous Artists' SOLD OUT
Thurs 26th October Thurs 27th October 'Harry Potter' 9am-4pm. Teacher Astral
Fri 27th October 'Halloween Party' 9am-4pm Teacher Lucy

£36 Full day, £21 Half day (Sibling discounts available). Limited spaces. Half days are 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm. 

Children will spend a day on exploring thir theme through yoga, creative play, mindful crafts and all important breathing exercises and relaxation time.

-          Lots of yoga poses and learning how to put poses together into a sequence of flow

-          Group games, creative play and activities

-          Basic Acro yoga and group poses

-          Crafty fun and colouring!

-          Quiet story time

-          Relaxation techniques and fun breathing exercises

For ages 4-11 years. Bring a packed lunch (no nuts please), refillable water bottle and please wear comfortable clothes. No previous experience of Yoga is necessary. The event is organised and run by fully insured, DBS checked, YOGADOO teachers.


Book 5 full days of October half term - save £20 and get a free YOGADOO t-shirt (worth £8) /Free t-shirts if booking Sibling Discount days. Enter promo code 5DAYS 

Book 4 days - save £15 and get a free YOGADOO t-shirt (worth £8)/Free t-shirt if booking Sibling Discount days. Enter promo code 4DAYS

Book 3 days - save £10 and get a free YOGADOO t-shirt (worth £8)/Free t-shirts if booking Sibling Discount days. Enter promo code 3DAYS

Book 2 days - save £5 Enter promo code 2DAYS

Brand new YOGADOO for pre-schoolers class


From Friday 15th September for six weeks. 9:30am-10:30am. Weston Methodist Church, Newbridge Hill, Bath. Your first class is £5 and sessions after that are £7 per class, booking is essential. You can also book an additional pre school aged child (sibling) for one - or all six classes, by clicking the drop down menu here.

This YOGADOO class is run by our amazing YOGADOO teacher Alice Denning and is for parents and pre-schoolers aged 18 months-4 years. There are limited places.

The session is focused on the pre-schooler and is a unique bonding experience for parent/carer with the child. Our YOGADOO pre-schooler classes incorporate elements of yoga, massage, movement and music and continue the parent/carer and child bonding process while encouraging little one to express their new found creativity and freedom of expression. The class includes yoga postures and dry massage strokes as well as stories, music, singing songs and rhymes and creative play. These elements together help your child's vital development.

Each week we will theme the class around a classic pre school favourite book.

Week 1: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Week 2: Dear Zoo

Week 3: You Choose

Week 4: Dinosaur Roar

Week 5: Oi Frog

Week 5: Going on a Bear Hunt

No previous yoga experience for adult or child is necessary, all mats are provided. Please wear comfortable clothes. All classes are taught by fully-trained RCYT Yoga teacher, Alice Denning. For more info email or call 07960629503.

Book your places here

Back to School tips from Norland College


7 top tips for preparing you and your child for starting school

It's the end of the holidays, and for parents, carers and children there's a mixture of emotion from sadness about the end of the lie-ins, excitement about seeing friends again and returning to a sense of routine, nerves about new teachers and timetables and so many more feelings!

Claire Burgess, Head of Research, Consultancy & Training and Katie Crouch, Early Years Consultant at Bath-based Norland College, the world-famous Nanny training establishment - have put together some advice on how to get through the tricky first week - particularly if your little one is starting school.

Traditionally, the first day of school tends to start with pictures of the little ones standing proudly, and nervously, in their brand new and immaculately pressed school uniform by the front door. These pictures help to form special memories and also mark a moment of reflection for the parent. For many, this moment can cause a flourish of memories of your past four, or five, years with your child. Recollections flash by from pregnancy scans, first smiles, magical first steps to bumped knees. All of these emotions can be overwhelming and therefore makes it completely understandable that you and your children may be apprehensive about starting school. 

All parents will have sympathy for the task of preparing little ones for their first day. This usually includes shopping trips for clothes and equipment (the dilemma of school dinners or which lunchbox to buy is a mighty job in itself!). Then you have the task of dealing with the emotional aspect of this transition into schooling. The child may feel confusion and possibly sadness at the thought of leaving familiar adults and friends behind at nursery or pre-school.  With all of this in mind, we have compiled seven top tips to help both you and your children through this milestone transition and into their first few weeks at school. .

Tip 1: Keep things familiar

In order to help children through their transition into school there are a few things which we can do to support them. If your child has / have a bag, or something similar and familiar, which they used at nursery it will help them to continue to use this during their first few weeks in school. This object can help to comfort the child when moving to a new environment, helping aspects of school to feel familiar to their experiences at nursery and home. You could also leave something in your child’s bag which smells of you (preferably something small and material based). We all know how poignant smells can be in triggering memories and emotions and this is the same for our little ones. When they can ‘check in’ with something which has your scent it can helps them to feel connected to you even when they are away from you. 

Tip 2: Work together with the teacher

We are sure that your child’s teacher would appreciate it if you could calmly re-introduce your child to the teacher. This shows the child that you trust the teacher and that they are a safe person to go to. This also helps the teacher to be able to connect with your little one(s) straight away. It is not unusual for a parent to jot down a few notes or concerns which they may have about their child starting school. Writing things on paper is an excellent idea, as it allows you to communicate with the teacher without the child hearing any concerns or worries. It also means that the teacher is free to read it after they have safely greeted all of the children into the room. 

Tip 3: Keep it calm

Another great trick is the ‘flight attendants face’. Think about how we feel on flights, whether we are seasoned travellers or a novice, we depend very much on the flight attendants helping us to feel safe. We may feel concerned during a sudden bought of turbulence, but we are reassured with a calming voice and a smiling face. Imagine how our own stress levels would rise if we saw the flight attendants showing concern. This is the same for our little ones. If we show them that we are feeling excited about school, then they, usually, begin to feel excited too. 

Tip 4: Empathise and value the emotions

You know your child better than anyone else, if you sense that your child is / are becoming stressed or upset don’t feel that you have to change or make what might be seen as a negative emotion (worry, upset or scared) into a ‘positive’ emotion. Naming and acknowledging emotions can help children to understand that emotions are designed to help us throughout our lives and how we deal with them in a positive manner. 

For instance, if your child is / are looking a little hesitant before they go to school, talking about this feeling helps them to recognise how emotions feel. For example, “You have gone a little quiet, that can happen if you are feeling worried about something.” When acknowledge that your child is / are looking a little nervous, form a gentle discussion around what helps when you feel nervous.  Such as, “Sometimes I feel worried if I am doing something new. It is a little bit like having butterflies in my tummy. If I am feeling worried I try to think about all the fun things, I will be doing.”

In the case of starting school, try to think about all the things that may be contributing to your child feeling nervous. Could this be due to your child being worried about where the toilets are? Making friends? What will happen at lunchtime? They may be worried about missing you or wondering how you will be when they are busy in school. Exploring these potential worries can help you to pin point what aspect has triggered your child’s feeling.

Forming ideas allows you and your child to share strategies of what may help them. If your child is / are particularly worried about making friends, you could bring ideas into the conversation. Your little ones may then come up with their own ideas. Perhaps playing with the construction will help your little one to meet another child who likes construction. 


Tip 5: Rest and relax

This can be the ideal time to then discuss the things which you may be doing when your child is / are at school. This helps your child to understand where you are and that you are safe when they are in school. You could always discuss other things which you may do together after school, so the child has / have additional things to look forward to. Walking through a park together during your walk home can be a good way to help your little one to transition to the slower pace outside of school. If you are driving then think about the music that you might play and allow time for your child to just sit, avoid asking lots of questions as this can be overwhelming and can mean that your child will not want to talk at all.  However, when walking or driving it can also be a great time for you to start a conversation about their day, if they are willing. Sitting together and sharing a story or a snack can also be a good way to help your child to feel secure and relax after a school day. Your child may be incredibly tired at the end of their first few days, so try to plan for calmer afternoons and possibly earlier bedtimes.

Tip 6: Keeping it short and sweet

When the time comes to hand over your child, and you have carried out your introduction to the teacher, ensure you say goodbye to your child. It is important that you do not ‘disappear’ in their eyes. Your child’s teacher will understand that you may want to give a hug and a kiss, but keeping it short is key. Long drawn out goodbyes can become distressing for children. There is nothing more confusing for an upset child than seeing their parent looking through a window or door, your child will be naturally drawn towards you. Even if your child is / are upset it is important that you hand them over to the teacher and trust them to keep them safe. In my experience, your child will usually have stopped their tears by the time you have walked around the corner and the teacher will discuss any issues with you by phone if your child is / are distressed. In this case continuity is key, so carrying out the same routines each day is essential. It may take your children several days to get used to this process. 


Tip 7: Caring for the carers

If you are experiencing sadness or fear when saying goodbye to your child remember your ‘flight attendants face’ as you walk away (even if you burst into tears around the corner). This will help the child to feel safe and confident. It can be more emotionally challenging for the parents than the child when starting school, so my suggestion is to meet up with friends for a coffee to discuss your morning and to keep your mind busy. It is change for everyone and it can take time for you all to adjust to this new way of life!

See the original piece and other articles here:


YOGADOO launches kid's lavender eye pillows


There is nothing better when you've had a long day or yoga class to lie down with a Lavender eye pillow resting on your eyes to gently soothe you into a world of relaxation and calm. YOGADOO teachers use our eye pillows at the end of sessions for Savasana or quiet time and now you can buy your own.

We have just launched child's sized YOGADOO eye pillows which are perfect for little ones, with a little cotton sack of fresh Somerset lavender mixed with rice. The eye pillows can be frozen or aches and pains or gently warmed in the microwave for hot soothing pillow or simply used at room temperature for relaxation.

The aroma of the Lavender is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to help aches and pains. Research has revealed that the essential oil of lavender may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. 

The gentle pressure on the eyes helps children to unwind and relax and can also act as a black out blind on these brighter summer nights.

The outer eye pillow case is fully machine washable on a cool wash and measures 9cm by 20cm, perfect for little faces with the YOGADOO label detail. The aroma of the eye pillows should last up to a year if stored in an air tight container, a gentle 'bashing' of the pillow will bring a fading fragrance back to life!

The children's eye pillows are £11 and come with a variety of star colour combinations including red/blue, orange/red, green/blue and orange/blue. You can buy our YOGADOO Lavender eye pillows from the YOGADOO shop here. There's also an adult's version which is slightly bigger and without the stars :-) - you can buy those here. Happy relaxing!

Book Review: Fearne Cotton 'Yoga Babies'

Yoga Babies 1.jpg

Review by YOGADOO Founder, Lucy Aston
TV and Radio Presenter, Fearne Cotton is well-known for being an avid yogi and the same seems to be the case for her children; 4 year old Rex and 1 year old Honey. Fearne's just launched her brand new book 'Yoga Babies' and we were lucky enough to be sent a review copy ahead of its release on 7th September.

The hardback-covered book, written by Fearne and beautifully illustrated by Sheena Dempsey is a little picture story of a group of pre-schoolers who love yoga.

Fearne says she wrote the book to help promote “family relaxation” by giving toddlers the chance to try the poses, too - ideas we at YOGADOO are completely on board with.

“One of my favourite times of day is cuddling up with my kids at bedtime for a snuggle and a read,” Cotton said about the release of her book. “’Yoga Babies’ combines the joy of reading with my love for yoga, which I like to practise with my children at home.” 

Yoga Babies is a great little introduction to yoga for pre-schoolers and there are ten yoga poses included in the story. This isn't so much a 'how to do yoga' book, more 'how yoga is fun' book. In fact the text and illustrations in ‘Yoga Babies’ have been approved by a qualified yoga instructor for children.

“Yoga is such a wonderful activity for all the family and has a hugely calming impact all round,” Cotton added.

We read 'Yoga Babies' to the children at the end of one of our pre school sessions at the YOGADOO Yoga Barn and the children (all aged under 4) copied the poses in the book. Similarly, one of our mini yogis Immy, 5, loved reading the story to her little brother Felix who tried out Downward dog and some of the other poses. (See pics below)

It's a really sweet little book, and one that little ones will love to pick up and read themselves or for parents and children to enjoy together.

‘Yoga Babies’ will be published by Andersen Press as hardback on 7 September 2017 - RRP £9.99

YOGADOO returns to the FMLY store


YOGADOO was BACK at the FMLY store this week running FREE kid's yoga workshops at the FMLY store's physical shop in Bruton, Somerset.

If you're not aware of the work of the FMLY store which was set up by blogger and writer, Molly Gunn (aka Selfish Mother), it's a super-cool place selling lovely products - in particular #GoodTees which are t-shirts (and sweaters) with simple slogans which raise money for great causes. Take a look at their range here. The Good Tees have raised over £612,136 since 2013 for a wide range of charities including Save The Children, mothers2mothers, Women for Women, Kid's Charity UK, The Refugee Council, Stand Up to Cancer and Prostate Cancer UK which is absolutely incredible. YOGADOO founder, Lucy Aston is wearing one of the #GoodTees PEACE tees, which raises money for charity, War Child.

This week YOGADOO ran a story-based yoga session where we we went on a journey to OUTER SPACE, exploring the cosmos through yoga and creative play. The session was completely SOLD OUT and it was so lovely to see so many mini yogis and their families.

The FMLY store was open as normal as we entertained the little ones so parents enjoyed a little browse while the kids were occupied.

Here a few snaps from the day and if you'd like YOGADOO to come and run kid's yoga workshops at your event, then please get in touch with Lucy.

Review: Hape Teepee - the perfect toy for our typically British summer


Review: YOGADOO founder, Lucy Aston

Summer hasn't really got into gear this year has it? With only the occasional gorgeous day, sandwiched with grey skies (I am sure we had endless sunny days growing up!) So when we were asked to review the Hape Teepee tent we struggled to get a day when we could go outside and play with it! But the truth is, it looks at home inside in any nursery, playroom or bedroom so really is the perfect toy for our typically British summer!

the perfect toy for our typically British summer!

I love toys which inspire a child's imagination and creativity, and needless to say give them time away from the screen and the Hape Teepee tent does just that. I told the children (my son, Freddie, 9 and my friend's children Immy, 5 and Felix, 3) we were going to play with a new Teepee and they immediately decided they wanted to have a little impromptu outdoor yoga class.

So, what's it like to put up? With just a few wooden poles and one main piece of canvas it was up in 5-10 minutes and was really easy to assemble. All the parts come in a really handy carry case too, so it all stashes away neatly if you don't want to leave it up. 


You could also easily take it to the beach as a little shade, but I don't know how well it would withstand a breezy day.

I also like the fact that there were no cheap plastic parts, and have since found out that Hape is the largest producers of wooden toys, using water based paints and they also avoid harsh glues in their products.

My little Teepee gang played for hours running yoga classes, reading books and having their afternoon snack inside their new home. Kids love a den don't they? The windows on the Teepee have little velcro fastenings so they can really hide away. 

It looks cute, and the material is wipe clean which is always handy, it's also pretty good value for money as its the kind of toy you could play with all year round, with endless hours of imaginative and creative play. I'd say it's probably best for ages 3-6 or 7, as Freddie who was 9 had a bit of a squeeze to get inside - but saying that, still enjoyed having a little den which wasn't made of sofa cushions and blankets!

The Teepee Tent Red is suitable for ages 3Y+ available to buy online from Argos for £54.99.



Our essential checklist if you're taking your family to a Festival this summer

YOGADOO's Lucy Aston and her family love festivals and make their annual pilgrimage to a muddy field or two every summer. But what are her top tips of essentials to pack for a fun and melt-down free festival experience?

Our family loves festivals, and my husband Tim and son Freddie (now 9) have tried lots of different ones over the years. This summer we've been lucky enough to have been invited as guest bloggers to Camp Bestival near Lulworth Cove which kicks off this weekend (27-30 July).

We've been before and it's completely set up with families in mind, DJ Rob Da Bank and his wife Josie programme the festival with a weird and wonderful mix of great music, comedy and absolute heroes for the kids (Dick and Dom, Mr Tumble, Tom Gates author Liz Pichon to name a few!). It has an almost pantomime atmosphere about it with dressing up fancy dress positively encouraged and the humour of some of the acts, definitely working on two levels.

So, in final preparation for this weekend we have given our son Freddie an education in the music of Leftfield, Brian Wilson, Mark Ronson and Madness (the headliners), selected our fancy dress (it's a Rock or Pop star theme this year) and dusted off the wellies (if we take them hopefully we won't need them!). But what are our absolute family essentials which, if you're heading to a Festival (or even camping), you might want to pack:

Here's our 14 family Festival must-haves:
(see below for links)

1) Ear Defenders - whether the music is too loud, or they are having trouble sleeping, these are a must have! £13.99 Peltor Ear Defenders
2) Books/Sticker Books/Card Games - for those quiet moments between acts, or when they wake up just a little too early, books like these are perfect. Our favourites are these sticker books by Really Decent Books - you can find them in Sainsburys and Morrisons rrp £8.99 or Amazon - the red book is on promo for £6.99 and the blue one is £8.99
3) A large carrier bag. Ikea ones are great! If muddy welly boots are heading into the tent, use a large carrier bag just inside the door for the mucky little darlings to step into to take off their boots before stepping into your nice clean tent. Genius!
4) An eye pillow - We always take a little Lavender enfused eye pillow with us camping or to festivals which also acts as a little black out blind. It just helps children to relax and wind down after all that excitement. YOGADOO Eye Pillows £11 filled with fresh Somerset Lavender and Flaxseed.
5) Anti Bac gel - because you never know just how well they've washed their hands!
6) As many Healthy Snacks as you can carry! From fruit, to nuts, to cereal to granola and biscuits. Go prepared and your wallet will thank you for it. It's not always easy to get Healthy snacks which don't cost the earth and it might just keep them going another half an hour!
7) Glitter! I cannot count the number of times a tub of glitter has got me out of potential meltdown situation. I remember a particularly wet festival where my glitter collection entertained 3 children who set up a 'Glitter Beard' stall in one tent for all the dads in our group. Win! We found glitter on husband's pillow for weeks!
8) Trolley This might be a controversial one, but I LOVE a good trolley. By day, it carries all our shizzle and by night, it turns into a cosimobile with blankets and fairy lights and is somewhere for Freddie to bunk down. Ours was this model from Homebase, but it seems to have been discontinued.
9) Glow Sticks Brighten up any dull moment. £6.95 for 100 from Amazon
10) Wet wipes (for everything!)
11) A crowd marker/a flag or kite To find your group again in a crowd, we love this 'Design your own' kite which is £6.99 from John Lewis (it gives them something to do whilst you put up the tent, and their design will make it truly unique!)
12) Picnic Blanket to sit on and to line the trolley with! Clas Ohlsen £7.99 (in the sale)
13) Sharpie To write your mobile number on their hand/arm - in case they get separated from you!
14) Refillable drinks bottle So easily forgotten! And will save you a pretty penny! We love this BPA free bottle from Mountain Warehouse £4.49 (in the sale)

Here are a few images (below) from Camp Bestival over the years, we can't wait now and will report back soon! Camp Bestival Tickets are still available here

You can follow Lucy and her family on social media over the #CampBestival Festival weekend on Twitter @iamlucyaston and Instagram /lucy_yogadoo

YOGADOO Yoga Barn returns at Newton Farm

YOGADOO is taking yoga and mindfulness into the great outdoors, inspired by nature, and with the freshest of air to breathe. After the success of the first sessions in the Yoga Barn in June we are throwing open the doors to the YOGADOO Yoga Barn again for the summer.

We have a programme of activity planned starting on Monday 24th July with a 90 min session of Kid’s Yoga and Crafting where after 45 minutes of farm-themed yoga youngsters will get to paint their very own ceramic farm welly and pick a pot plant. And a second Kid’s Yoga and Crafting on Monday 7th August where children will make Farmyard pom pom animals.

Every Friday there will be Pre School yoga and story time from 10am-11am and there are two Parent and child one hour yoga and relaxations sessions on the mornings of Monday 31st July and Monday 14th August.

The YOGADOO Yoga Barn is in the stable block on the left hand side as you come into Newton Farm, with padded floor, yoga mats, bunting and hay bales to sit on. Parents are welcome to leave children and enjoy delicious food and drink in the award winning Newton Farm cafe or bring it across to the Yoga Barn where there will be hay bale-style seating for parents to relax while children are taking part in the workshops. 

Founder of YOGADOO, Lucy Aston said: "There is something special about practicing yoga in the fresh air, hearing the sounds of nature all around you. The YOGADOO Yoga Barn is a very special place. Our workshops will give children the chance to practice yoga, relax, enjoy mindful craft and learn more about farm life.."

For more information please email and to book please visit

YOGADOO runs kid's yoga workshops at the FMLY store in bruton

YOGADOO's Lucy Aston (L) with Jess Parkhouse from the FMLY store.

YOGADOO's Lucy Aston (L) with Jess Parkhouse from the FMLY store.

The YOGADOO team has been a fan of the work of Selfish Mother and the FMLY store in Bruton for some time, their famous #GoodTees slogan t-shirts have raised well over half a million pounds for charity and are super-cool t'boot.

That's why we are so excited to announce that YOGADOO will be running FREE  children's yoga workshops this half term at the FMLY store in Bruton, Somerset.

Please RSVP here.

It’s perfect timing as it's Half Term, and you’re probably looking for ways to entertain the kids – right? YOGADOO founder, Lucy Aston will be running not one, but TWO kid's yoga workshops on Wednesday 31st May, which will be story-based sessions aimed at children aged 4-11, lasting around 45 minutes each.

The FMLY store will be open as usual, so you can enjoy browsing while the kids are occupied… Drinks, snacks and fresh fruit will be available from the Honesty Café in the store so you can sit back with a coffee and watch them having fun!

11am – Amazon Adventure: A journey through the rainforest.

2pm – We Are All Superheroes: Unleash your inner super powers.

In case your little ones have never been to a YOGADOO session before, we focus on positivity rather than spirituality, so there’ll be no omm-ing here – just an active, engaging session that’s accessible for all. Beginners are welcome, mats will be provided, so just show up on the day and get involved.

Please RSVP so that we can put your name down on the list. Drop-ins are also welcome on the day, though we may not be able to guarantee a place if spaces are full.

And in case you want to make a day of it, and you definitely could, check out what else there is to do in Bruton aside from the FMLY store.

The FMLY store is found at THE FMLY STORE, West End, Bruton BA10 0BQ

Review: Ogi Yogi yoga collectioN

Review by YOGADOO's Lucy Aston

After leaving the corporate world of PR behind over a year ago now, my wardrobe has gradually evolved from Smart/Caszh to 'Athleisure' which can only be a good thing, right? Well yes, and no. Because finding comfy, 'nice', ethical and actually practical fitness gear is tricky. So often the 'fit' of the leggings might not be quite right (do you know what I mean ladies?) so inevitably we stick to our old faithfuls. But that's why I was intrigued and a-little-bit-excited to be asked to review some of the Ogi Yogi yoga gear. Ogi Yogi are a UK based online retailer and have a yoga collection made from organic cotton.

They sent me the Ogi Yogi OY Merino and Bamboo zip hoodie (in navy blue) to try, which is super-soft to touch and so comfy to wear. It's perfect for this 'can't decide what it's doing weather' to slip on after a yoga class, but it's also nice enough to wear out and about. It's made from merino wool so it feels really luxurious and I love the little thumb holes to keep your hands warm. I regularly use it in class when we're warming up, and it's super cosy for resting in Savasana. I like the fact it's a zip-up too, so no mucking up the hair by having to pull it over your head. RRP is £69,99, but it's on sale at the moment at £48, which I reckon is a bargain!

Ogi Yogi have asked me to become their first UK ambassador, so you might spot me wearing their clothes in future classes. I particularly love their leggings - their fit is really spot on for yoga (although you could wear them for whatever 'physical' activity might be your bag) Your foot grips the fabric in tree pose (which is always my test of a good pair of leggings!) and they don't ride down in child's pose or forward bends (RESULT!) so that's another big tick in my book.

And the really good news is there's a super duper up to 60% off sale over the Bank Holiday weekend, so if you're looking for some lovely new yoga gear then head their way. My particular favourites are the OgiYogi long leggings, they are (and I'm not just saying this) the best leggings I have worn for yoga. They have a nice high waist band and are long enough to come down over your heels if you like that (and I do). Even better, they're reduced from £29.99 to £12 in the sale. 

Lucy Aston, Founder of YOGADOO was given Ogi Yogi clothing in return for a fair and reasoned review.

Lucy wears:

Orange and purple Lalini hoodie

Barnali Pink Leggings

Purple Zephyr Cap sleeve top

Black Long Leggings

Navy OY Merino and Bamboo hoodie

YOGADOO to open pop up studio - The Yoga Barn at Newton Farm

YOGADOO is taking yoga and mindfulness into the great outdoors, inspired by nature, and with the freshest of air to breathe and we want you to come too. We are opening the doors to the YOGADOO Yoga Barn, our first pop-up yoga studio at Newton Farm in Newton St Loe on Saturday 27th May. We have a programme of activity planned through May and June. (We hope to keep the Yoga Barn open throughout the summer too!)

There are 1 hour and 1.5 hour sessions for children and some parent and child sessions too.
We also hope to add some adult classes and workshops to the Yoga Barn very soon, so stay tuned! You can book online by clicking the link below. For more information email

There workshops include one hour children's yoga and relaxation sessions, and extended one and a half hour yoga and mindful craft workshops. There are also 1.5 hour Mindful Movement and craft sessions on Sunday 4th June which feature drama and creative mindfulness. There are also parent and child yoga sessions and even classes for parents and pre-schoolers (18 months-4 years) on a Friday morning,The full programme is listed here and more workshops might be added, so watch this space.

The YOGADOO Yoga Barn will be taking over the stable block on the left hand side as you come into Newton Farm, with padded floor, yoga mats, bunting and hay bales to sit on. Parents are welcome to leave children and enjoy delicious food and drink in the award winning Newton Farm cafe or bring it across to the Yoga Barn where there will be hay bale-style seating for parents to relax while children are taking part in the workshops. 

Founder of YOGADOO, Lucy Aston (pictured below left with Celia Gay from Newton Farm) said: "There is something special about practicing yoga in the fresh air, hearing the sounds of nature all around you. The YOGADOO Yoga Barn will be a very special place. Our workshops will give children the chance to practice yoga, relax, enjoy mindful craft and learn more about farm life. We can't wait to open our doors on the Bank Holiday weekend."

For more information visit the

YOGADOO announces kid's yoga and mindfulness Holiday Clubs in Bath

YOGADOO is running our very popular, fun and wonderful children's holiday clubs this half term. Two packed days of yoga and mini mindfulness, arts and crafts, fun and games on two different themes.

On Tuesday 30th May the theme is 'Our Amazon Adventure' and Wednesday 31st May we'll be finding out how 'We are all Super Heroes'. Our fully trained and experienced kid's yoga teachers will bring the themes to life through yoga poses and 'dances', as well as creative activities to get the imagination juices flowing, as well as games and some all important calming and relaxation time.

To book Tuesday's Holiday Club 'Our Amazon Adventure' 

To book Wednesday's Holiday Club 'We are all Super Heroes'

The days run from 9am-4pm, with half days, sibling discounts and early/late drop off available.

Half days are 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm. Weston Methodist Church, Kennington road entrance, Bath.

£35 Full day, £20 Half day

Activities include:

- Lots of yoga poses and learning how to put poses together into a sequence of flow

- Group games, creative play and activities

- Basic Acro yoga and group poses

- Crafty fun and colouring!

- Quiet story time

- Relaxation techniques and fun breathing exercises

For ages 4-11 years. Bring a packed lunch, refillable water bottle and please wear comfortable clothes. No previous experience of Yoga is necessary. The event is organised and run by fully insured, DBS checked, first aid trained staff; YOGADOO teachers.

BROGADOO t-shirts now on sale!

To celebrate the four month anniversary of our Men's only classes, BROGADOO, we have launched very special BROGADOO t-shirts. Four months on, and we still get between 15-17 chaps rolling out their mat every Friday evening (all were complete beginners to yoga).

The 100% cotton tees come in black, white and grey and feature the BROGADOO Bath UK statement print on the front and are £15.99 each, as a rough size guide our model, Tim, (size 44/46 chest) wears a Large.

So join the BROGADOO ranks and order yours here!

Founder of YOGADOO announced as Bath charity new patron

YOGADOO Founder Lucy Aston with co-Patron of Mentoring Plus, Bath Festival Director, John Cullum

YOGADOO Founder Lucy Aston with co-Patron of Mentoring Plus, Bath Festival Director, John Cullum

The founder of YOGADOO, Lucy Aston has been announced as one of two new patrons for Bath Youth Charity, Mentoring Plus. Lucy will join John Cullum, Bath Festival Chair and father of musician, Jamie Cullum as a new official ambassador for the charity. Other Patrons of the charity include film director, Ken Loach, theatre director Sir Michael Boyd and musician, Kevin Swaby.

Ruth Keilly, Deputy Director of Mentoring Plus said: "The charity is delighted to welcome two active local influencers as new Patrons, helping to raise awareness of its community work with vulnerable children and young people."

As chair of Bath Festivals, John Cullum is looking forward to the revamped festival programme this May, aiming to attract all ages and interests to join in with music, literature, pop-up arts and street food across the city. “I'm delighted to become a new Patron of Mentoring Plus having admired the work of this charity over a long period,” comments John. “I’ve witnessed the positive impact on young lives through partnership with other organisations focused on this growing area of need in our society. I want to help all young people feel they have access to the very best this community has to offer.”

Founder of YOGADOO, Lucy Aston: "I am absolutely thrilled to become a Patron for Mentoring Plus and help to spread the word about the great work they do.  The volunteer mentors really make a huge difference to the lives of these young people. YOGADOO runs yoga and mindfulness sessions for children and young adults in schools and communities across Bath and surrounding areas, and we have started working with young people supported by Mentoring Plus. It's so important that whoever you are, whatever your background, whichever postcode you live in, you are equipped with the tools for life to look after your own physical and mental well-being to self regulate your feelings and emotions. I've seen first hand how yoga and mindfulness can really help deal with modern everyday life or specific challenges. It can be as simple as rolling out a mat and sitting and breathing, and we can all do that."

“I have friends who’ve got involved with Mentoring Plus as volunteer mentors, and thought it was brilliant our community was supporting young people this way,” says Lucy. “When YOGADOO had the opportunity to teach yoga and mindfulness to a small group of mentees, we were so inspired by them. The young people threw themselves into it, having never tried yoga before and were felt and positive at the end of the session. I would love for more young people who may be facing a difficult time to find ways to reduce stress and understand their own potential.”

YOGADOO has a clothing range of statement slogan t-shirts and has unveiled the latest addition to the range which will raise money for Mentoring Plus. The 'YOUTH' t-shirt is available in black or white in men's and women's sizes and a range of colours for children. £5 from very adult tee (rrp £15.99), and £3 from every child's tee (rrp £7.99) and Tote bag (rrp £10.99) will go to Mentoring Plus to support their work in the community.

Lucy added  “I love the idea that whatever our age we all have ‘youth’, it’s a responsibility and a pleasure to help young people any way we can.”

You can order the t-shirts via the YOGADOO website.

Are you ready to Hygge with us? New Summer and winter retreats announced

You can’t have escaped to notice the ‘Hygge’ (Hou-gah) trend which was everywhere last year.

The Scandinavian concept of getting cosy and appreciating the simpler things in life during the long winter months, struck a chord with us Brits and inspired everything from cookery books, fashion and YOGADOO developed the concept of Hygge Yoga and held half day retreats, at Combe Grove Hotel just outside of Bath.

All eight of the half day mini retreats over the winter sold out within weeks of going on sale. The experience included candlelit yoga, a gift of knitted leg warmers, fireside meditation with woollen blankets and ‘comfort food’ including warming soup, freshly made bread, hot chocolate and cake.

Lucy Aston, founder of Bath yoga company, YOGADOO invented Hygge Yoga after having spending time in Scandinavia: ‘Hygge is a way of life over there but there is a lot of cross-over between Hygge and Yoga such as appreciating the simple things in life.’

But Hygge is for life, not just for Christmas and YOGADOO has just announced the dates for eight more Hygge Yoga mini retreats at Combe Grove Hotel. Four winter retreats between October and January.

But new for 2017, are four Summer Hygge Yoga retreats. Imagine practicing yoga outdoors overlooking beautiful countryside, then a gentle walk into the stunning grounds of Combe Grove Hotel for woodland meditation whilst listening to birdsong and breathing invigorating fresh air. After yoga and meditation, you’ll enjoy a luxury picnic hamper including a delicious cream tea prepared by award-winning chefs at the hotel. You will also receive a pair of very special Hygge Yoga leg warmers to keep your toes cosy as the sun goes down.

Before or after your Hygge Yoga experience, you make use of the hotel facilities including taking a walk or jog in the stunning 70 acre grounds, the restaurant, sauna, steam room and indoor or outdoor swimming pools to really make the most of your day.

Lucy added: “It doesn’t matter if you have never tried yoga or meditation before, or you practice yoga every week – the Hygge Yoga mini retreats are suitable for everyone.”

Summer dates: 11th June, 9th July, 13th August, 10th September

Winter dates: 29th October, 12th November, 10th December, 14th January

Reteats take place between 2:30pm and 6pm. Places are £62 (£55 for Combe Grove members).

Book places here. For more information please email

YOGADOO announces Big Chill event for Year 6 pupils

It's a busy time of year for our year six-ers, and sometimes its good to just kick back and relax. That's why YOGADOO is putting on a very special 'Big Chill' event just for you, if you are in year 6. Open to pupils from any school. Our award-winning YOGADOO teachers, Lucy Aston and Hayley Uberti will give you some great practical tips and exercises on how can you can calm your busy brain through yoga, relaxation and simply breathing!

There's more details about that below, but in the meantime - here are four easy breathing exercises to help you whether you are 11 or 111, to help you to feel calmer and more relaxed.

It’s all about the breath – we breathe 20,000-30,000 times a day, start to notice and improve the quality of your breath. From the confines of a bed, a desk, or anywhere quiet, use these four Breathing exercises to help you to feel calm and focus

1. Belly Breathing Technique

How it’s done: With one hand on the chest and the other on the belly, take a deep breath in through the nose, ensuring the diaphragm (not the chest) inflates with enough air to create a stretch in the lungs. Exhale through the mouth and feel your hand moving as you take nice deep breaths.

2. Progressive Relaxation

How it’s done: Through counting during your breaths, slowly make your exhales longer than your inhales. Start with breathing in for 2, out for 4, then in for 3, out for 6, in for 4 and out for 8, and finally in for 5 out for 10. Again, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

3. Nadi Shodhana or "Alternate Nostril Breathing"

How it’s done: A yogi’s best friend, it’s said to bring calm, balance, and unite the right and left sides of the brain. Starting in a comfortable position, hold the right thumb over the right nostril and inhale deeply through the left nostril. At the peak of inhalation, close off the left nostril with the ring finger, and then exhale through the right nostril. Continue the pattern, inhaling through the right nostril, closing it off with the right thumb, and exhaling through the left nostril.

4. Finger breathing

How it’s done: If a situation is just too stressful that you are unable to count or focus, try ‘finger breathing’. Place your left hand in front of you (palm up), take the pointer finger of the right hand and trace the hand from the bottom of the little finger to the top, then down the other side. As you go up the finger, breathe in and as you go down each finger, breathe out. Do this for all of the fingers and thumb.  You can trace back from the thumb and go back over the fingers, back to where you started. This is a great exercise if someone is feeling particularly anxious. The connection of touching the hand, brings their attention inwards, and the breaths get progressively longer so it helps to calm the mind.

Back to the event:
Our 'Big Chill' session is happening from 4:30pm-6pm on Saturday 29th April at Weston Methodist Church at the top of Chelsea Road. Tickets are £15. Spaces are limited. Tickets include:

  • A relaxing beginner's yoga session (no stories, no games, just some great yoga to help you unwind to some fab music)
  • Breathing and Relaxation techniques- we'll teach you some great exercises to use if you find that your brain is a bit too busy
  • A little bit of fun acro yoga!
  • A handy takeaway sheet with all the exercises so you can try them again 
  • A little gift to help you relax when you get home

Book spaces here

It's good to talk

YOGADOO Founder and Teacher, Lucy Aston, hopes how we talk about mental health is changing.

Just a few weeks ago I was at a party and got talking to a lovely lady who, when she found out about YOGADOO started to tell me  about her own mental health challenges which she had faced at different points in her life. In turn I talked about suffering from anxiety and panic attacks a decade or so ago. We stood there, at a bar, two mums, two women in our thirties, talking about mental health, over a glass of Prosecco.

After our conversation, I wondered. Would our mums – thirty years ago -have had that same conversation? At a party? In a public place? I concluded that the answer was probably no.

Now I work in a health-focussed environment, teaching yoga and mindfulness to children as young as four, I am comforted that mental health is increasingly talked about in an open forum.

I was listening to an interview this morning with musician Professor Green, who has talked so candidly and honestly about his own mental health struggles and he said: “The trouble is, boys don’t want to appear vulnerable. They are told they need to be big and strong, but also have emotion and talk about their feelings too. No wonder they are confused about their role in today’s society.” It hit home for me, as a mum of an eight year old.

New research from Heads Together - the mental health campaign spearheaded by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry - found that nearly half of us (46%) have had a conversation about mental health over the past three months.

Heads Together has launched a series of videos where people share their most memorable experience of talking about mental health. The films feature people from all walks of life - including famous faces Professor Green, Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, Ruby Wax, Mark Austin and Alastair Campbell - as they discuss topics ranging from anxiety, alcoholism and depression through to loneliness, trauma and bereavement.

The research uncovered that men are still less likely to talk about mental health than women, with 54% of women having had a conversation about it recently compared to 37% of men.

In a joint statement, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry said: “When you realise that mental health problems affect your friends, neighbours, children and spouses, the walls of judgement and prejudice around these issues begin to fall. And we all know that you cannot resolve a mental health issue by staying silent.

You can view the entire collection of Heads Together films on YouTube or the charity’s website now.  

Children and young people face more distractions and challenges than we ever did during our own childhood; gadgets, instant messenger, 'instant' entertainment, pressures to perform at school, the vast choice of extra-cirricular activities, online gaming and the list goes on. But maybe in this multi-channel, instant-access world if we can teach them the importance of mindfulness and relaxation - this can help them to process and deal with modern life. Similarly, if they do feel like they are struggling with a mental health issue of some kind, if we have open and honest conversations about how they are feeling, they will feel comfortable and confident enough to talk back. Not bury their worries away.

I think we are some way off mental health issues being talked about in the same breath as a cough or cold, but the more we talk, the more ‘normal’ it becomes and in turn the more people will talk and seek help.

It’s good to talk.

Useful websites and helplines:

·         Mind, open Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm on 0300 123 3393

·         Samaritans offers a listening service which is open 24 hours a day, on 116 123(UK and ROI - this number is FREE to call and will not appear on your phone bill.)

·         Get Connected is a free advice service for people under 25. Call 0808 808 4994 or email:

YOGADOO Easter opening times

The Easter holiday is fast approaching and there are a few changes to the usual timetable, please take a look below:

Monday 10th: Only evening classes (no 9:30am class)

Wednesday 12th: YOGADOO Holiday Club and Runner's Yoga classes both on as normal

Thursday 13th: YOGADOO Holiday Club No Ashtanga class with Emma

Friday 14th: No BROGADOO

Bank Holiday Monday 17th: No classes

Wednesday 19th: No classes

Thursday 20th: No Ashtanga class with Emma

Friday 21st: BROGADOO back as normal.