YOGADOO is born!

We're only ten days into 2016 and it's already been a great year. After wanting to teach Children and Young People's Yoga for quite some time, YOGADOO is born. After practising Yoga in classes and at home for nearly 20 years, it is only fairly recently that I realised the huge benefits of Yoga in my everyday life.

I originally used Yoga as a form of relaxation when studying for my Law degree at Warwick University back in the late 1990s. Since then I have worked as a Reporter and Presenter for the BBC, moved into PR and Advertising, got married to my husband Tim and most recently - seven years ago -  became a mother to our son, Freddie.

I have used Yoga throughout my thirties to strengthen my core and back as I suffer from Sciatica and for mindfulness as part of my life as a busy working mother. But it was only when my son said his brain was 'busy' when getting ready to sleep on a few occasions that it all clicked - children have hectic lives too. They need to learn to switch off and relax. So for the past couple of years I have been practising Yoga with my son - and he loves it. In fact he is far more supple and bendy than me!

Last year I decided to enroll on a course to train as a Children's Yoga Instructor with Rainbow Kids Yoga. A friend of mine, Bel Harvey had left the BBC to do exactly the same, and I was inspired by the pictures of her classes. I had originally planned to just use what I had learnt on the course to teach Yoga in my son's school, but since then friends and family have asked me to set up classes in schools in their area. I have even been asked to start running Yoga Birthday Parties. So YOGADOO was born.

I wanted a name which encompassed what I am passionate about. Yoga is for everyone. You don't need to be ultra-bendy, you will become bendy. You don't need to be a certain build, Yoga will help you to feel stronger and healthier. You don't need to have practised Yoga before, YOGADOO starts from where you are at. And we go from there.

I was in Paris studying for my Rainbow Kids Yoga qualification during the awful terrorist attacks in November 2015. (There's a picture of my graduation class below) Lots of my friends and family tried to persuade me to come home, but if anything it made become even more determined to teach Yoga to young people. We need love and peace in this world now more than ever. Yoga helps us to find grounding and balance in a busy world. And I can't wait to start spreading the word. Do Yoga, YOGADOO .