What a Treat! Five Yoga poses for big or little kids this Halloween

It's that time of the year when we get creative with Pumpkins and Fancy dress in the name of Halloween! 

There's no Trickery here! The founder of YOGADOO, Lucy Aston and her son Freddie have come up with a top five spooky Yoga poses for you to try this Halloween.

In the darkest Halloween sky shines a brilliant white Half Moon... so for Half Moon stretch, stand tall with your feet slightly apart, with your arms above your head. Take a deep breath in and make yourself as tall as you can. Breathe out bend from your hips, taking your arms over to the side. You're a Half Moon! Repeat on the other side.

As you're looking at the brilliant moon, you see a Spooky Witch fly past on her broomstick. For witches pose, stand with your feet slightly apart and take your arms out in front of you as if you are holding a broomstick. Keep your feet flat on the floor, slowly bend your knees, tuck your sit bones in and see how low you can go.

You look around you and see an owl land in a Spooky Tree. For tree pose, stand tall, with your feet slightly apart, your arms at your side. Feel the weight of your body in your feet, feel grounded. Shift your weight to your left foot, bend your right knee, grab your right ankle and place it on your calf or thigh - never rest it on your knee. Send your right knee back, face forwards with your hips. Have your hands in Prayer position at your chest, fix your gaze on one unmoving spot, and as you breathe in lift your arms above your head - fingertips to the sky, palms facing each other. Or if you want to get creative, move your arms into a 'Spooky Tree' position. After 5 breaths, take your arms and legs down and repeat on the other side.

Oooooooo there's a Spooky Ghost Stand up tall with your feet slightly apart, hands on your hips. Breathe out and bend forward from your hips. As you fall over, leave a gap between chest and thighs. Try and keep your legs straight, bring your arms down towards the floor, let them hang loose, and gently sway from side to side like a Spooky Ghost. Breathe in as you take your arms out to the side and breathe out as you bring them into the middle. Let your head and neck relax. Make and 'Oooooooo' sound as you breathe out.

Finally, Skeleton pose or Mountain pose. From a standing position, bring the feet hip width distance apart.Feel your weight evenly balanced through the bottom of each foot, not leaning forward or back. Breathe in and lift the top of your head up towards the ceiling, feeling your back become long and straight. Breathe out and drop the shoulders down and back as you reach the fingertips towards the floor. Breathe in lift your arms up, into a Prayer position. Breathe out, relax the shoulders down from the ears.

Happy Halloween!