A new look for The Beano

You might wonder why we're writing about The Beano on a blog which is predominantly about Yoga and Mindfulness, but for me there is nothing more relaxing than getting fully immersed in a good book or magazine. And that can go for our children too. But what if your child isn't a keen reader? Or a natural book worm?

Our son Freddie has always loved reading comics and in particular, The Beano. Even before he was a 'free reader' at school he used to love to follow the pictures and often made up his own versions of what the characters were saying before he could read the words in the speech bubbles.

Now he can read, The Beano annual and comics allow him to dive into a cheeky, colourful world full of great characters and laughs. So when we were invited to the launch of the new Beano.com website and the unveiling of a brand new funky logo we were very excited!

The Beano, unlike so many of the classic comic titles has stood the test of time, but has also had to modernise and move with the times as well. So the new website is packed with videos and fun content which keep children entertained and the comic has a familiar but new fresh feel which children love.

Freddie and I went along to a funky underground space called Ambika P3 off Baker Street in London for a morning for fun. We watched the illustrators drawing all his favourite characters, we helped to gunge people and used a giant catapult to fling cupcakes at targets. Celebrities were also in attendance including TV Presenters Kate Garraway and Donna Air and actress, Angela Griffin.

It's heart-warming to know that so many children - despite living in a digital age where they have a world of information just a click and a swipe away, still choose to snuggle up and relax with a comic or book and let out a good old belly laugh.

Lucy Aston and son Freddie were invited to the celebrity launch of Beano.com