YOGADOO in the media!

It's been a busy old time for YOGADOO! Since launching earlier in the month, we've received lots of support and even some interest from the local media.

The Bath Chronicle came to our YOGADOO pre-school class in Widcombe to meet mums and children and talked to me about why I left my corporate job in advertising to start YOGADOO. I explained how I was in Paris completing my Children's Yoga Teacher training during last November's terrible terrorist attacks. To be in the city at such a terrible time made me realise how precious life is and how we should seize every moment, I knew from that moment I wanted to make Yoga more than a hobby, I wanted to make Yoga as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. In particular, I was passionate about teaching children from an early age about the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness. You can read the full story.

Then for International Yoga Day (Tues 21st June) me and my son Freddie were asked to go over to BBC Radio Bristol to teach some Yoga to the Breakfast Show presenter, Emma Britton. As a former BBC Presenter, it was great to be back on the radio! We had great fun and it was Freddie's first radio experience! We all did Yoga in the garden at BBC Bristol including our old favourites including Downward Dog, Tree, Aeroplane (Warrior III), Child's Pose and even Eagle! You can hear the full interview here.

The launch of YOGADOO has been great, and we'd like to thank everyone for all their incredible support!

Written by Lucy Aston, Founder and Teacher of YOGADOO