Sold Out 'YOGADOO for Parents' course a success

The first-ever YOGADOO for Parents day took place this weekend and was attended by Parents and Carers from around the Bath area. 

The founder of YOGADOO, Lucy Aston and leading Parenting expert, Jane Evans led the one-day course which was designed to help parents and carers to find ways to introduce Yoga and Mindfulness into their everyday lives and their family lives.

Parenting expert Jane Evans (L) and Founder of YOGADOO (R) Lucy Aston lead the sessions

Parents were taught a 15 minute relaxing Vinyassa Flow Yoga sequence which focuses on different parts of the body. There were sessions on simple Meditation and Mindfulness and breathing techniques to start using straight away. Half the day focused on the Parent as an individual with a busy life and the other half of the day focused on the Parent, and taught ways to introduce Yoga and mindfulness into a family’s everyday routine including school, play and bedtime.

TV and Radio Parenting expert, Jane Evans, who specialises in helping parents work with children who may be suffering from anxiety, ran a session on the ‘Science of the brain’ and shared a body-brain based way of parenting mindfully which can help to bring greater connection and harmony to family life. 

Founder of YOGADOO, Lucy Aston said: “It was such an inspirational day. We all live hectic lives. And sometimes it is only when we sit and think about how busy we are that we realise how little time we have to relax. That goes for our kids too. Busy routines of school, homework, extra-curricular activities and play dates can lead to some children finding it hard to switch off at bedtime or even worse - becoming anxious or worried about everything they have to do. During my experience of teaching children and parents together, I was increasingly asked for tips to incorporate Yoga and Mindfulness into everyday life away from the classroom, so that is why we’ve developed this day."

To register your interest for the next day, please email

This will be the first of many such events, we hope to announce the date for the next YOGADOO for Parents day in Bath later this week.
— Lucy Aston - Founder of YOGADOO