Early bird booking open for second YOGADOO for Parents day

Following the success of the first YOGADOO for Parents day last weekend, the date for the second one day course of its kind has been announced for Sunday 4th December in Bath.

The one day course will run from 9:30am-4:30pm and sessions will be led by Founder of YOGADOO and trained Children's and Adult's Yoga teacher, Lucy Aston and leading TV Parenting expert and TEDxBristol speaker, Jane Evans.

The one-day course later will take place at the new Widcombe Social Club in Bath which will teach Parents how to introduce Yoga and Mindfulness into family life.

YOGADOO founder and qualified Children's and Adult’s Yoga and meditation teacher, Lucy Aston, will run Yoga and Mindfulness sessions which focus on the person as an individual, and as a parent. 

Jane Evans, who has over twenty years experience in helping parents work with children who may be suffering from anxiety, will run sessions on the 'Science of the brain' and share share a body-brain based way of parenting mindfully which brings greater connection and harmony to family life. 

The one day course will arm parents with practical information and ideas to have a calmer and more mindful family time but will also help parents to prepare for the festive season and the stress that can seep in to family life. All attendees will also receive an exclusive essential oil 'calming' roll-on blended by Jane Evans.

Founder of YOGADOO, Lucy Aston said: "The first YOGADOO one day course was a great success, it sold out way ahead of the event and the feedback from everyone who attended the event was that it was really inspirational and practical day. Christmas can bring added stresses and strains to any family, so the timing of this event couldn't be more perfect."

"Children are healthier, happier and more able to learn about all areas of life, when surrounded by emotionally regulated adults. I am looking forward to working with the Parents and Carers on the second YOGADOO for Parents day later next month." - Jane Evans

"We all live hectic lives. And sometimes it is only when we sit and think about how busy we are that we realise how little time we have to relax. That goes for our kids too. Busy routines of school, homework, extra-curricular activities and play dates can lead to some children finding it hard to switch off at bedtime or even worse - becoming anxious or worried about everything they have to do. During my experience of teaching children and parents together, I was increasingly asked for tips to incorporate Yoga and Mindfulness into everyday life away from the classroom, so that is why we’ve developed this day. We'll teach really practical Yoga sequences and simple techniques you can use in even the busiest of lives." - Lucy Aston

Parents will be taught relaxing Vinyasa Flow Yoga focusing on different parts of the body. There will be also be sessions which teach simple Meditation and Mindfulness and breathing techniques to start using straight away. The one day course is suitable for beginners, but if you have tried Yoga or mindfulness before, there will be more advanced options. Half the day will focus on the Parent as an individual with a busy life and the other half of the day will focus on the Parent, and teach ways to introduce Yoga and mindfulness into a family’s everyday routine including school, play and bedtime! 

The techniques you'll learn will be helpful for you as a parent, whatever the age of your child but will be most suitable for children of Primary School age.

Places on the day are limited and no previous experience of Yoga is necessary. All equipment is provided. Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in easily, and bring a packed lunch. Parking is available locally in Widcombe or at Southgate in the City centre which is a short walk away. Course handouts and materials will be provided for you to refer to after the session.

To book, please click here. Any questions, please contact Lucy Aston on lucy@yogadoo.co.uk