YOGADOO launches kid's lavender eye pillows


There is nothing better when you've had a long day or yoga class to lie down with a Lavender eye pillow resting on your eyes to gently soothe you into a world of relaxation and calm. YOGADOO teachers use our eye pillows at the end of sessions for Savasana or quiet time and now you can buy your own.

We have just launched child's sized YOGADOO eye pillows which are perfect for little ones, with a little cotton sack of fresh Somerset lavender mixed with rice. The eye pillows can be frozen or aches and pains or gently warmed in the microwave for hot soothing pillow or simply used at room temperature for relaxation.

The aroma of the Lavender is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to help aches and pains. Research has revealed that the essential oil of lavender may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. 

The gentle pressure on the eyes helps children to unwind and relax and can also act as a black out blind on these brighter summer nights.

The outer eye pillow case is fully machine washable on a cool wash and measures 9cm by 20cm, perfect for little faces with the YOGADOO label detail. The aroma of the eye pillows should last up to a year if stored in an air tight container, a gentle 'bashing' of the pillow will bring a fading fragrance back to life!

The children's eye pillows are £11 and come with a variety of star colour combinations including red/blue, orange/red, green/blue and orange/blue. You can buy our YOGADOO Lavender eye pillows from the YOGADOO shop here. There's also an adult's version which is slightly bigger and without the stars :-) - you can buy those here. Happy relaxing!