5 Ways to Incorporate Hygge Into Your Yoga Practice at Home

Pic: via @unsplash

Pic: via @unsplash

As we all know, yoga is one of the best ways to unwind, refocus your mind, and exercise your body without straining it. Fitness Magazine lists yoga as having numerous benefits, including helping you make better meal choices, getting rid or minimising stress, and improving your immune system. It also helps with your metabolism and can even make you smarter.


There are so many ways to do yoga, but for people who don't have time to head out to a yoga studio, they only have one choice—to do it at home. While this may sound ideal, there can be distractions which get in the way. That’s why when the idea to combine the Scandinavian concept of Hygge (meaning cosiness) and yoga was first voiced; it was immediately popular.


We created Hygge Yoga retreats to invite people to enjoy a simpler, calmer, and more peaceful life of finding comfort, contentment, and meaning from everyday activities. We celebrate the little things in life; having a cup of tea, wrapping yourself up in a blanket, or enjoying a piece of cake.

So we’ve come up with five simple ways to incorporate a little Hygge into your yoga practice at home:


Remove all distractions

On YOGADOO, we discussed simple ways to bring Hygge into your life, which includes taking a step back, noticing the things that matter, and restoring yourself socially and on your own. During your yoga practice at home, turn off or mute your phone so you don’t get distracted by the notifications. As much as you want to share your yoga practice, try and limit your social media time while you’re doing yoga. Focusing on one thing at a time is key.


Create a self-care system to motivate you

If you’re new to yoga, it can be a bit challenging to keep up with the routine especially if you’re coming home really tired from work. However, Health.com claims although following a self-care routine that does not include sitting on the sofa can be incredibly difficult, it can also be the most rewarding.


Ask friends to join

Hygge also means indulging in all the good people in your life. So the next time you do yoga at home, invite a friend or two to join. Make a small tradition out of it, where at least once or twice a week, you enjoy doing yoga with some of your closest friends. You can make it a treat by making a meal for everyone to enjoy after.


Incorporate gratitude into your practice

Studies have shown that people who regularly practice mindfulness and gratitude are not only happier, but are also more helpful, forgiving, and less materialistic. During your regular yoga sessions, with or without your friends, think of all the things you are grateful for with every intake of breath. You can ‘exhale’ any negative energy you feel brewing inside you.


Bring your sessions outside

Nothing is cosier and more relaxing than sitting amidst nature. Doing yoga out in the open is also more relaxing, as it allows you to breathe in fresh air and listen to the calming sounds of birds and rustling leaves. Don’t worry about setting up your own little nook outside. It’s fairly easy as long as you have the right tools with you. You can choose from a pergola, a little cabin, or a small hideout that you can install in your garden. You can either build it on your own or ask some of your friends to help you with it— another chance to turn an ordinary task into a Hygge moment. The pergola page on Screwfix lists all the different types you can choose from, depending on the kind of garden that you have. Covered pergolas are also great for practicing yoga outside in all weather conditions. All you need is a little help from friends and you’re all set.


The Danes didn’t become the happiest people in the world for nothing and they didn’t come up with the word Hygge for nothing, either. It just goes to show that when you pay more attention to things that really matter, you will get more out of life, which in turn can make you feel happier and more fulfilled.

YOGADOO is running our ever-popular Hygge Yoga retreats from November to February at Combe Grove Hotel, just outside of Bath. A blissful day of yoga, meditation, me time and comfort food, surrounded by Hygge cosiness and nature. For more information click here.