Survey proves yoga is best all round form of exercise


Yoga and Pilates top the list as the best all-round exercise for those with conditions such as stress, anxiety or depression, osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma, and high blood pressure.

A new survey from, of nearly 300 GPs and health experts has revealed which forms of exercise doctors recommend if you suffer from any of the seven most common chronic health conditions in the UK. 

Yoga and Pilates most consistently came out as one the most best form of exercise to help reduce the symptoms of some of the UKs most common conditions including, stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s, and also asthma.

Dr. Sarah Jarvis MBE, GP and clinical director of, commented: “Doctors agree that yoga and Pilates can be beneficial for many conditions. Both activities are low-impact and gentle, and can help to reduce blood pressure, ease stress, and strengthen the muscles which support the joints. Our survey showed that GPs and health experts would prescribe Yoga and Pilates as the number one form of exercise for people with a range of different conditions, including Asthma, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, arthritis and Parkinson’s.

“It’s important to let your instructor know of any pre-existing medical conditions that you have, so that they can adapt the movements or poses for your individual needs. You should also check with your doctor or physiotherapist first to find out if there are any particular movements that you should avoid.”

YOGADOO founder, Lucy Aston added: "One of the most attractive parts about yoga for me was its accessibility. Even before I trained as a yoga teacher, I loved the fact that I could roll out my mat at home, in my pyjamas if I liked! and start moving and focusing on my breath. Of course it is important to have a mindful practice and to be aware of how we are feeling in any particular moment, on any particular day. Both in our physical body but also in our mind and not push or compare ourselves to anyone else. It is our practice. But it does mean that even with a fairly serious medical condition, if you have spoke to your GP or specialist who has given you the green light to practice yoga, you can enjoy the gentlest of stretches or simply connecting with your body through your practice."


Lucy added "That is another reason why yoga is so good for us, especially children is its non-competitive nature. You don't need to be against anyone, you are not part of a team, it is all for you. Yoga is a crucial weapon in the armoury of self care and self love."



Yoga is a crucial weapon in the armoury of self care and self love.
— Founder of YOGADOO, Lucy Aston