Winter Olympic themed yoga poses


The Winter Olympics start today (Friday 9th February) in PyeongChang in South Korea so we've put together our top twelve Winter Olympic themed yoga poses for children or grown ups, we hope you enjoy! And thank you to YOGADOO founder, Lucy's son Freddie for modelling the poses!

We have put them together in a little flow, but you can do them in any order you like. Try and take three deep breaths in each pose if can. You can do both sides (legs) of the standing poses as you go along - pose by pose, or after you have done all of the standing poses (Eagle, and Snowboarder to Figure skater) you can repeat that part of the flow.

We start in mountain pose, take some lovely deep breaths imagine you are breathing in some ice old mountain air. When you are ready cross one leg over the other (tucking your foot round the back of the leg if you can) cross your arm over the other and gently bend your knees -turning yourself into Eddie the Eagle pose (He was a famous Ski jumper - take a look here). Next bend from your hips into a gentle forward bend for Ice Hockey players, swinging your arms from side to side if that feels good. When you are ready step back into a super-cool snowboarder (Warrior 2) with your front foot facing forward and you back foot out to the side. A few deep breaths here and then bring your back foot to face the front, bend your back knee and lift your arms up to the sky - this is a high lunge or speed skater pose.

When you're ready, put all of your weight onto your front foot and bring your back foot up to your bottom. Get your balance and take your arm out in front and push your foot into your back hand and open up into figure skater (or dancer pose). If you are going to repeat the standing poses to stand on the other foot this time, then do this now.

When you are ready, bring both feet together (slightly apart) gently bend your knees and bring your arms out in front for skier pose - imagine you are speeding down a snowy mountain. Then drop to your knees and spread out on the mat lying on your belly. Taking your arms out behind you, gently lift your belly off the mat for Skeleton bob pose, when you are ready try and grab your feet and lift your body off the mat a little more, (only if it feels ok) for Ski jumper pose. Next roll on to your back and sit up tall, gently breathe in and take your arms above your head, and as you breathe out take your hands towards your feet with a gentle forward bend for Bobsleigh pose. Finally lie on your back with your legs in the air, gently waving your feet like a flickering Olympic flame, maybe try and blow it out with some big, deep breaths.

After all of that Olympic excitement, it is time to lie down for a rest in luge pose. Lie as still as you can and take some nice deep breaths (maybe 10 or 15) as you think about a beautiful wintry, snowy scene. And relax.

If you'd like to share your winter Olympic themed poses, send us a picture and we'll add them to our gallery! Tag your social media post in #YOGADOOpostcard or email