YOGADOO Founder to visit India to teach yoga to children


YOGAOO's Lucy Aston will fly to India later this week for a number of exciting projects.

Lucy, who completed her adult's yoga qualification in India two years ago is set to return to the same area in Goa for a fortnight of additional training and to run children's yoga sessions for the local community.

"I fell in love with India when I visited two years ago, and I have been desperate to go back ever since. To teach yoga to children in the country where yoga all began will be an incredible opportunity. The YOGADOO approach is to teach yoga to children in a fun, engaging, non-spiritual way, without any of the Sanskrit terminology or traditional names for poses, so it should be really interesting."

"Whilst I am there I am also going to complete additional meditation and yoga training, and I'll be researching for a couple of projects - more on which will be revealed later in the year. I am also hoping to learn more about Ayurveda which is traditional complementary or alternative medicines. And I am really looking forward to being a pupil myself again for a while! I will spend lots of time practicing yoga."

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For information about the YOGADOO class timetable over the Easter Holidays click here.