Doo Meditate - a brand new Mindfulness Meditation course in Bath


NEW CLASS: Doo Meditate™. A beginner’s guide to “real life” mindfulness meditation, to use in the modern world. Limited to 10 spaces. This is a complete introduction course and not for experienced meditators. (Lucy will be starting an advanced course later in the year.)

You cannot have escaped to notice that everyone seems to be talking about “mindfulness” and “meditation” recently? But what is your image of meditation? Have you tried it? What do you think it feels like to meditate? 

What makes this course different is that we immediately make the meditation training completely applicable to real and modern day situations. How to meditate in noisy or busy environments, how to move mindfully, and how to meditate or practice mindfulness when our mind is just too busy. 

Over the five week course, through practical exercises you will learn methods to manage stress, anxiety and moods. There are two courses running, one on a Monday evening at Weston Parish Hall (PLACES AVAILABLE), one on a Wednesday at Weston Methodist Church (SOLD OUT) - booking link at the bottom.

The Doo Meditate™ Five week course will give a basic introduction to:

1) Why we practice mindfulness and meditation, what is the difference between the two practices and we’ll learn the foundations of mindfulness meditation.

2) The science bit, how does meditation and mindfulness work?

3) We’ll look at how we process thoughts, emotions, habits and choices

4) We’ll explore mindful movement, and meditation on the move!

5) Strategies for ongoing mindfulness and meditation in our own lives

£50 for five week course.

Monday 8pm-9pm From 11th June-16th July (no class 2nd July Weston Parish Hall, High St, Weston. More info/to book here

Wednesday 8pm-9pm. From 13th June-18th July (no class 4th July) Weston Methodist Church, Newbridge Hill, Bath (entrance: Newbridge Hill) SOLD OUT