NORLAND COLLEGE and yogadoo research project


A parenting programme which combines parenting support with yoga to improve family life and wellbeing

Do you have a child aged 2-3 years? Are you: Tired of tantrums? Frustrated with meal times? Do you dread going to the shops? Then this 8-week training programme is for you.

The world-leading childcare and nanny training establishment, Norland College has teamed up with fellow award-winning Bath business, YOGADOO, to run a pilot training and research project.  In this innovative piece of research, Early years specialists from Norland College will work closely with specialist pre-school and early years yoga teachers to support and train ten sets of parents and carers with parenting skills and basic yoga and relaxation techniques. The aim of this training, through the combination of support and training, will aim to relieve some of the pressures and stresses of parenting young children. The six 2-hour sessions (1 hour of parenting support followed by an hour of yoga with your child) will focus on different aspects of everyday family life such as mealtimes, self-care and sleep times.

The research aspect of the programme will be looking at parental wellbeing and your belief in your ability to apply these skills with effective outcomes for your family as well as family wellbeing. A variety of measures will be taken at the beginning, during and at the end of the course. These will consist of face-to-face interviews and online-standardised parenting measures at the beginning and end of the programme with an online behaviour checklist at the end of each week, focused on the particular theme for that week.

I have worked as a nanny for over 20 years supporting many families through the challenges that can come from raising young children. We want to give the practical hints and tips to help reduce these possible areas of stress such as mealtimes, nap and bedtimes, being out and about and self-care such as toileting, cleaning teeth etc.  The research aspect of the programme will look at parental wellbeing as well as reviewing any new skills you have acquired that support positive outcomes for your family, including improved wellbeing.
— Claire Burgess, Norland College

Yoga is a 5,000 year old practice, but it has never had more relevance for our children. They lead busy lives; have more distractions – including screens – than ever before and sometimes everyday situations can become a little bit overwhelming. Practicing yoga, relaxation and breathing exercises can become ‘life skills’ which, the earlier we teach to our children, the more ‘normal’ it becomes for them, and the sooner they can start adopting them in their lives. I’ve practiced yoga with my own son since he was two, and now YOGADOO teaches hundreds of children every week in 50 schools across Bath and Bristol.
— Lucy Aston, Founder of YOGADOO


If you wish to take part in the six week programme, you must meet the following criteria:

* Agree to attend eight 2 hour sessions from 10am to 12 noon at Norland College, York Place, London Road, Bath on the following dates: 

# Date Session
- Friday 19 January Introductory Session
1 Friday 26 January Play
2 Friday 2 February Meal times
3 Friday 9 February Self care
- Half term week no session
4 Friday 23 February Sleep
5 Friday 2 March Outings
6 Friday 9 March Transitions
- 1 week break no session
- Friday 23 March Final round-up session and social get together


A place on the research and training programme costs £48.00 for the 8-week programme including a celebration at the end of the programme. Payment is taken upon confirmation that your application has been successful. If you would like to apply to take part, please fill in the form below.  If you have any questions, please email lucy@yogadoo.co.uk. Applications close at midday on Wednesday 20th December 2017.


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 My child is aged between 2 years and 3 years on the 19th January 2018 *
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We (my child and I) agree to attend eight 2 hour sessions (10am-noon) at Norland Collfeon the dates listed *
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We (me AND my child) have not have taken part in any previous YOGADOO family sessions (those who have attended adult sessions are eligible to take part) *
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I am happy to spend an additional 15 minutes per week completing research questionnaires *
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I am happy to participate in two face-to-face interviews (one at the beginning and one at end of the programme. Interviews should last no longer than 1 hour) *
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I am happy to participate in additional product research/trialling as part of the research programme should the opportunity arise. *
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