Yoga for schools

YOGADOO for children enables them to go on a Yoga journey to a particular theme or to explore a particular concept,
using music and props and bags of imagination.

What Yoga and Mindfulness can do for children and adults

Yoga and or Mindfulness for children, teachers or training teachers how to use Yoga and Mindfulness in the classroom.

  • Breakfast Clubs / Lunchtime Clubs / After School Clubs
  • All day Holiday clubs
  • Curriculum time (PE lessons)
  • Sports Premium work
  • Pupil Premium work
  • Themed weeks/days eg ‘Healthy week’ ‘international week’ ( India: Home of Yoga )
  • Teacher training – how teachers can use Yoga & Mindfulness in the classroom everyday or as part of particular lessons e.g. Art or Drama, PE, Forest School.
  • Twilight Yoga and or Mindfulness training for teachers
  • Mindfulness Arts and Crafts activities
  • Pre-exam resilience sessions


  • Improves posture and concentration
  • Builds strength and body confidence
  • Helps to relax the body and mind
  • Non-cometitive, non-judgemental activity
  • Group work or individual activity  
  • Is fun!


  • Helps with focus and concentration
  • Improves ths self regulation of emotion
  • Improves resilience 
  • Helps with relaxation – teaching breathing exercises



Example of case Study schools:

  • King Edward Pre-Prep ( Lunchtime / After School Club / Healthy weeks )
  • Newbridge Primary ( Breakfast Club / After School )


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