5 week FEAR to Flight arm balance course (For beginners) £45


5 week FEAR to Flight arm balance course (For beginners) £45


If handstands and arm balances have always been your nemesis, this is the moment you have been waiting for. The Hive's 5 week beginners - FROM FEAR TO FLIGHT

course for you.

If you’ve always wanted to do a handstand or crow pose, or
you’ve been trying to get into these poses and got stuck, we can work together to not only build strength but confidence on and off the mat.

If arm balances scare you – this is a positive. We grow outside our comfort zone and for many people, just the thought of a handstand is enough to make their palms sweaty and knees weak, we will bring some fun into the fearasana. The handstand is just as much of a mental
challenge as it is a physical one.

There is no pressure to do anything you do not want to do and everyone in the class will be at a beginner's level.

Each week our yoga practice and HIIT drills will target the areas such as, arms, wrists and core, when we have these fundementals we will learn techniques (and maybe a few cheats) using the help of props and the wall to safetly get you closer to your goal, celebrating our
wins on the way.

This short course is for all whom wants to concentrate on building strength with an emphasis on taking flight and will be led by The Hive's arm balance expert, Bex Thibault.

This 5 week course is available to book and you can simply purchase a 5 class pass and book all 5 consecutive weeks to secure your place. Members on a rolling contract may use one of their class allocation to book. (Not Move GB, although you are welcome to buy a 5 class pass and join us)

Course dates run Tuesdays 6:15pm-7:15pm from 26th February for five weeks (last class 26th March).

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