£5 to join The Hive


£5 to join The Hive

from 5.00


Thank you for joining The Hive. This is a one-off £5 HIVELIVE joining fee, which you will never have to pay again. Please drop down to the Membership option you wish to choose and also add this to your basket. This membership will start on 3rd January 2019. We will send you an email when booking opens on 27th December for you to go in an book your classes.

Please see below for more details on our Membership and Pricing options. These prices are for a limited time, until 2nd January 2019.

The Hive membership entitles you to the following:

  • Priority booking of classes over Move GB and Drop ins

  • 10% off weekend workshops and events

  • You will exclusive offers and opportunities (from us, but never unassociated third parties)

  • An invitation to exclusive events

  • To help us do our part for the environment, you’ll also receive a seed bomb to plant to attract the bees to your area.

Hive Live Membership

£5 (one off joining fee)

Two classes a week

£55 (from £5 per class) 
The first 50 members to select this option will pay only £50 per month

 Family membership

Parent/carer and child or a couple, one class each per week

£60 (from £6 per class)

  Unlimited classes

£77 (any number of classes each week)

(If used 3 times per week, from £5.13 per class)

10 class pass

£85 (used within 14 weeks)

(£8.50 per class)

5 class pass

£45 (used within 7 weeks)

(£9 per class)


Drop in


Membership type:
Add To Cart


·      Membership and Class passes include weekend classes, but not workshops.

·      All members must pay the HiveLive £5 to activate your membership.

·      Prices may increase after 2nd January, this is an opening limited offer only

·      Booking for classes opens on Thursday mornings (27th December onwards) at 8am

·      Classes cancelled up to 24 hours before will be taken from membership or class pass credit.

·      All classes must be booked and cancelled online via jointhehive.co.uk.

·      Non-attendance without cancellation for unlimited membership is permitted twice per month before an additional Drop in charge will be added to your account.

·      Minimum three month contract Rolling memberships are taken directly from your chosen bank account every month until cancellation.


MEMBERSHIPS EXPLAINED (Limited offer until 2nd January 2019)

Unlimited membership

Honey 77 £77

·   On-going unlimited access to all regular classes on The Hive timetable*


·   Family 60 £60

Shared membership between a parent/carer and child or a couple, each may attend one class per week on The Hive timetable.*


Hive 55 £55

·   You can attend any two classes on The Hive timetable each week*


Pollen 44 £44

·   You can attend one class on The Hive timetable each week*


1 month membership £85

·   One-off payment. Unlimited access to all regular classes on the The Hive timetable* for 4 weeks.

*subject to availability




·   The Hive Yoga Studio reserves the right to alter and amend our timetable as needed.

·   No students will be allowed to enter the class once it has started

·   Please arrive 10mins (no more than 15 mins) before the class is scheduled to start.

·   Waiting list for classes – please contact the studio.

·   If you arrive late and your place has been given to another student:

·   If you have booked through Move GB we cannot return your class credit to your Move GB account. We cannot offer refunds if you are late and lose your place.

·   If your place has not been given to another student then it is treated as a no-show and you will still get charged by us and we take no responsibility for a third party company, such as eg. Mindbody or Move GB, if they charge you any other fees.



Classes need to be cancelled 24 hours before the start time.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the class start time, then you will lose your class credit.

If you have booked through Move GB – you are subject to their cancellation policy.  The Move GB cancellation policy states that classes cannot be cancelled with less than 24hrs notice of the scheduled start time.  Please cancel through Move GB directly.



·   Payment for single class: Book through jointhehive.co.uk or through Move GB. We do not take card or cash payment at the studio (yet).

·   Payment through membership: Buy our membership through jointhehive.co.uk (served by our third party provider, Mind Body) and select your membership.

·   Drop in sessions are valid for 1 month after purchase.

·   All passes and memberships are to be used by the purchaser only, they are non-transferable and cannot be shared (apart from our Family membership). We sell vouchers which can be provided in someone else’s name.

·   All passes and credits are valid for classes only.

·   All passes and credits are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be extended. 



·   Memberships are valid for classes only

·   Memberships require an automatic payment to be set up through Mindbody, which will take the payment from your stored card every 4 weeks (28 days)

·   Memberships can be cancelled at any time, but you will need to give The Hive or Mindbody 5 working days to cancel your membership before your next payment.

·   Your membership pass will renew every month. You will always pay in advance.

·   Memberships can be cancelled at any time, you will also be able to freeze your membership for 1 month, amend through Mindbody.

·   Memberships can be cancelled at any time of the month and you will still be able to use remaining days of your membership.

·   Memberships cannot be shared, and are non-transferable and or refundable.



Workshops and courses will only run if bookings reach our minimum number, (this will differ every workshop) we will inform you in advance if we need to amend or cancel a workshop for this reason.


If The Hive studio cancels a workshop or makes a change to a scheduled workshop which means you can no longer attend then you will be entitled to a transfer or a full refund.


If you know going to be late for a workshop please call us as soon as you can. We can allow students to enter workshops up to 5 minutes late, but no later.




If you can no longer attend a workshop or course – notify us via email (hello@jointhehive.co.uk)



If the workshop is booked through the website and you need to cancel more than 1 week before the workshop start, we can transfer your credit to any other workshop.

If the workshop is booked through a teacher then we refer to their terms and conditions and we hold no responsibility for your booking.

If you know going to be late for a workshop please call us as soon as you can. We can allow students to enter workshops up to 5 minutes late, but no later.

·   If you can find a friend to fill your place then we can transfer your credit as a refund. We require the person who is filling your space to call us before the workshop to make full payment before we refund you. We cannot transfer your credit directly to another student.

·   If your place can’t be filled then unfortunately we cannot offer a transfer of credit or a refund.