Children and adults should come away from YOGADOO classes feel strong and energised, grounded and relaxed.

All of us, especially our children and teenagers live extremely busy lives. Work, School, extra-curricular activities, homework, family, friends and that's before we even think about their relaxation. Increasingly, our chill out time means an element of screen time such as a television, tablet or computer consul. We are all living, and our children are growing up in an age where pop stars are made overnight, there is 24 hour rolling news, on-demand television, social media and communication channels which means we can be easily contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Exhausting.

And while we live in a brilliant age with unrivaled access to communication, knowledge and entertainment, more and more children (and adults!) are finding it hard to switch off and relax. With the media (and social media) promoting unattainable images, more and more children (and adults) are suffering from low self esteem and body image. And with the increasing amount of 'screen time', we can feel disconnected from the real world.

Noone is suggesting youngsters shouldn't play computer games or that we spend time in front of screens, of course not. It's about finding a balance. 

Yoga can give you a way to deal with this busy, noisy world we live in.  YOGADOO can help to feel connected to the world. Yoga poses and stretches will help to build strength, improve posture and boost body confidence as you or your starts to master more difficult poses. Mindfulness and Relaxation techniques helps switch off after a busy day, slow down thoughts, focus and concentrate and think about what is going on in a calm and focused manner. Children and adults should come away from YOGADOO classes feel strong and energised, grounded and relaxed.

Yoga can help with specific conditions such as anxiety, depression, stage fright, low self-esteem and confidence issues. Most importantly, YOGADOO makes Yoga fun! Children, Young people and Adults should start to feel the physical and mental health benefits of a YOGADOO class straight away.